Engaging Youth, Families, & Community Since 1999

YES is one of the few nonprofit agencies in the area that engages both children and adults. Our holistic approach to human development recognizes that individuals cannot reach their full potential with only limited exposure to opportunities and positive role models. Our Youth Leadership Pathway pipeline allows young people to participate in the program over the course of 10 years. Similarly, our Adult Leadership Pathway gives caregivers from all walks of life the chance to grow their leadership skills incrementally over the course of time.

YES engages youth, adults and families living in Richmond and surrounding West Contra Costa County. One hundred percent of participants are low-income and a majority live in neighborhoods in Central and North Richmond. Many have been affected by harsh environmental and neighborhood conditions that can result in learning loss and deep traumas when not addressed. Participants include youth and families referred from schools, community partners, homeless shelters, and foster homes.

The barriers that prevent children and families from getting into nature and attending camp are not only financial: they include educational, cultural, and medical barriers that YES overcomes by working closely with the community and providing skilled experts and volunteers in program settings that address participants’ needs.

YES is also working to create systems’ change in Richmond across various arenas including education, wellness, and the built environment. You can learn more about our community work by visiting our North Richmond Network page.