Volunteering for Change

For 10 years, YES has provided Family Camp weekend experiences for Central and North Richmond families. At Family Camp, families disconnect from the pressures of daily life so they can enjoy, relax and renew familial and community bonds with the support from dedicated staff and volunteers.

YES volunteers are drawn to Family Camp because they experience the immediate impact they're contributing to during the course of a weekend. One of our most recent volunteers, Merrill Pierce, saw the impact at camp and used it to motivate learning in her classroom.

Ms. Pierce volunteering during the North Richmond Fall 2014 Family Camp

Ms. Pierce, who is in her second year of teaching at Verde Elementary in North Richmond, recalls, "Going to Family Camp for the first time was truly a magical experience. It was so powerful and fun to spend time with some of my students, and other Verde students, outside the confines of the classroom."

Ms. Pierce, second from left, with the Sandoval family, served as a volunteer during the most recent Family Camp weekend in fall 2014.

"I have formed some of the strongest connections with students and families at camp. We bring these positive relationships back to Verde, and the effects are evident in the classroom. I can make references to camp while teaching and the students who have attended camp are automatically engaged--which inspires others to engage in learning,"she states.

The first-hand personal discovery and community-building that happens during YES Family Camp weekends brings joy to families and keeps volunteers coming back. YES Family Camps are held five times a year, and we invite you to contact us if you are interested in joining our team of dedicated volunteers.