Jorge is a budding naturalist, eager to identify plants and animals on hikes and camping trips, and full of curiosity and focus when learning new things. He’s had many new experiences since he first went to day camp with YES in 2014 at age seven. That year he was too young for sleepaway camp, but his aunt Princess who is four years older paved the way, showing everyone in the family that it was safe (and fun) to go away to camp.

This year, both Jorge and his uncle Angel joined the Richmond Rangers group. The Rangers meet every other weekend to explore the East Bay Regional Parks, learn about natural history and conservation through experiential hands-on learning, and develop leadership skills.

At times Jorge's grandmother can feel nervous about letting the kids go on outdoor excursions, yet she and Jorge’s mom Norma support him to participate in every way possible. When Norma works nights, they make sure there’s a family member who can bring Jorge to YES for his Richmond Rangers trips every other Saturday, pick him up after backpacking and overnight trips, and be there for camp orientations and trip meetings.

Now 10 years old, Jorge has also been to YES’s annual Winter Camp, and is excited to go to sleepaway camp for the second time this summer!