Fill'er Up! Hydration Station Ribbon Cutting

As part of the "Be Smarter, Drink Water" Campaign, YES organized the July 9th, 2014 ribbon cutting ceremony for a hydration station installation at the Richmond Recreation Complex located at 3230 Macdonald Ave

Be Smarter, Drink Water is a community-driven project between YES, the Cityof Richmond and Contra Costa Health Services. The purpose of the campaign is to build health equity in Richmond by providing education about 1) local water systems and sources; 2) the health benefits of increased water consumption; 3) the negative effects of regular sugar sweetened beverage intake; and 4) the advantages of tap water over plastic bottles for your wallet and the environment.

YES staff and Wellness Navigators have been instrumental in providing this education at four Richmond public schools, the YES spring family camps, and numerous Richmond community events. In addition to the education campaign, a total of 9 hydration stations, with a fountain and stream dispenser for bottles, will be installed at schools and community centers across Richmond.