Resident Leaders Take Charge

At YES, we believe that all people are capable, powerful leaders. We know that leadership operates and is cultivated at multiple levels - self, others, family, teams, in communities and in movements - and thus is a lifelong process. Leadership is not a solitary journey; an understanding of self deepens as one learns about their context, their community and with others. We believe that nature and wellness are interconnected, that everyone deserves access to safe outdoor spaces, clean air and water, and healthy food. 

YES is excited to be launching our newly envisioned Adult Leadership Pathway program which is grounded in grassroots peer leadership and advocacy practices, and supports the leadership of African American and Latino caregivers.

Health disparities, socio-economic and cultural inequities, and an absence of residents in leadership spaces are challenges faced by the Richmond community. Addressing these challenges with strong community leaders doesn’t happen overnight. YES meets these structural challenges by creating safe spaces in the outdoors and community where relationship-building and character-building are nurtured over time. 

The overall goal of the YES Adult Leadership Pathway is to increase the leadership capacity of the Richmond community to contribute toward improved community conditions. The Adult Leadership Pathway is a leadership development program focused on nurturing the power of family and community leaders to embrace their unique gifts and strength to better lead themselves, their families and in the community. Through workshops, community building, trainings of trainers and support systems, adult leaders develop their knowledge, skills, and experience in effecting positive change in their lives. 

To learn more about our Adult Leadership Pathway, please email Angelica Delgado, Adult Leaders