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    A Wallflower No More!

    posted on YES' December 2013 eNewsletter

    Jessica joined C2C in 2012 after having gone to summer camps with YES for 5 years. "I used to be the quiet one in the family. I was basically a wallflower that just stood behind everyone else. However, when I got more involved with YES and with C2C, I started to socialize more and step out of my comfort zone.   Read More...

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    I'm Possible

    posted on YES' September 2013 eNewsletter.

    My name is Jorge, or Bazinga, as people know me at camp. When I was told that I got the job as a camp counselor at YMCA Camp Loma Mar, it was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I was at school and I was shocked.   Read More...