A Wallflower No More!

Jessica joined C2C in 2012 after having gone to summer camps with YES for 5 years. "I used to be the quiet one in the family. I was basically a wallflower that just stood behind everyone else. However, when I got more involved with YES and with C2C, I started to socialize more and step out of my comfort zone. I'm interested in participating in C2C because I want to gain leadership skills and help others.

Health and wellness is pretty important to me. I enjoy the outdoors, going for walks in the park and eating healthy. Most of us don't always make or have access to healthy choices. For instance, it is easier for people to eat fast food than to cook. Diabetes and obesity are two main problems that we have in the community. It is hard for people to go out and have fun outdoors. Now that I've been participating with YES and C2C, I know there are ways to prevent a lot of these issues so that people can make better health choices." - Summer 2013